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we're ghei, you're ghei LET'S GHEI LOVE!

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What is twinpopsies? Twinpopsies is an icon community by woolpepper and b_gatan. It consists of graphics of any kind and monthly pimpage on an artists. By pimpage, it means that informations, pictures and sample songs are provided by the community. It's purpose for the daily pimpage is to make other people aware of the awesomeness of the certain artist pimped. Twinpopsies denotes the makers of the community. There is an ice cream named "twinpopsies" produced by Selecta and they both like it so they decided to name their comm from it. Twin, for they believe that they are twins; Popsies; because they both like pop.

You can join if you want, to be updated of our posts. ^^
Of course we have rules too. >:]

1. No hotlinking.

2. Upload on your own server.

3. Comment and credit.

4. Textless icons are not bases.

5. Resources.

The overrides of the layout is made by letsbebad. The layout features the two NANAS (Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki) for the owners of the community believe that they are like the two NANAS. The profile header features b_gatan and woolpepper. Both headers in blog and profile are done by b_gatan
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide